Finishing Strong Part 2 (Middle Phase)

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Finishing Strong Part 2 (Middle Phase)

Life is based on principles, not miracles. Many of us today have based our lives solely on miracles. We must know that there are just a few things that miracles can correct when principles have been abused. God is sovereign; He will always prove himself worthy, but we must know that we should live our lives on principles. If you do what should be done now, you wouldn’t have to go to prayer meetings asking God to do what principles have already put in place.


John 9:4 says:

“I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.”

At the start phase, you must prepare well to start well.

The middle phase is the phase where you must be busy; therefore, mind the middle phase.

The middle phase is, therefore, the time to give your best so that you can have your rest. You have to read and engage all you have to engage in order to sustain the middle phase. In this phase, you must increase your speed and commitment. Remember that this is not the phase to shy away from responsibilities. You cannot embrace laziness and expect a great destiny because God does not reward laziness. You cannot sleep as a blonder and hope to wake up as a wonder.

Almost anybody can start anything but very few start very well but then, it takes increased capacity, discipline, dedication and skills to handle the middle of anything. You don’t fail because of the beginning; you fail because of the middle. So, what goes on in the middle determines a lot.

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