Recovering the Prophetic Destiny of Men

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Recovering the Prophetic Destiny of Men

Men are naturally an endangered species. From the time of conception through birth up to the time of death, men are more endangered than women. That is why God built a woman as help meet for him in order to help him realise his assignments on the earth.

God wants to raise up five star men just as he’s raising five star women who stand in the presence of God in their various callings for their generation just the same way they stand beside their children and husbands.

Characteristics of a five star man

– A five star man is one who fellowships with and submits to his Head who is God.

-A five star man knows and pursues his God given assignment in his own unique garden.

-A five star man has a track record of obedience to God.

-A five star man is one who can recognize and create the environment that makes his wife function in the place of her assignment.


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